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Residential Asset Management

For years, ADJ&A has provided a comprehensive and superior asset management service for residential and commercial assets. Our experts consistently maximize value and total return for assets through analysis of property efficiencies, and identify opportunities for improved overall performance and NOI.



To date ADJ&A’s team has managed, valued, and sold thousands of properties for large Mortgage Servicing and Bank clients. ADJ&A’s new Homeowner Division now offers those same expert real estate services to private homeowners like you. Sell your home using a Consultant for superior experience of that working with just a Realtor.

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ADJ&A manages large institutional real estate portfolios. Our proven record of completing smart real estate acquisition deals, coupled with our financing expertise, vast industry knowledge and hands-on involvement, enables all parties involved in our acquisitions to succeed.

Why Agent Dan Jones & Associates?

REO Management

Comprised of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of REO management, from initial assignment through the closing of escrow.

Quality Control Department

An in-house Quality Control Department which specializes in the review of BPO’s and other forms of valuations for accuracy and consistency as outlined by our clients.

High-Volume Portfolios

Trusted by our clients to manage high-volume portfolios because we consistently provide unmatched service and deliver expected results.

Our Investment Team

ADJ&A’s team of investment professionals not only provide acquisition experience and knowledge, but also strives to assist our clients from the beginning to the end of the investment property cycle. We understand that our service doesn’t end at the closing table. Trained by our principle broker, each of our advisors are trained to follow our established protocols and guidelines, while serving as a trusted resource in providing answers and consultation for each investment opportunity and project. From procurement to listing, we offer you guidance and support to provide a smooth transaction.

AD&JA Investment Team
What We Can Help With

Your Trusted Partner For Investment Gains

Investment Knowledge

For investors interested in real estate transactions in the Metro Detroit markets, our team of experts will provide reports and guidance using accurate data and comprehensive due-diligence in their respective markets.


For investors looking for solutions to acquire investment properties for short-term or long-term gain, we help identify diversified market opportunities to meet their desired objectives.


For current owners looking to discharge poor-performing investments or simply to divest from an asset or a market to obtain gains, we will provide advisory services and strategies to help you minimize your transaction risk and maximize the return on your property.

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